Health & Nutrition Applications

Heritage of innovation and a variety of capsule solutions and technology to support the ever-increasing needs of the health & nutrition market.
Qualicaps® brings a wealth of expertise to the health & nutrition market:
  • Expertise and leadership in capsule innovation
  • Over 100 years of capsule-manufacturing experience
  • Competitive pricing with reliable, on-time deliveries
  • A commitment to great customer service and assurance of supply
  • Contingency plans and multiple manufacturing sites
  • The synergy of capsules, equipment and technology to meet all your manufacturing needs

Since many health & nutrition customers are looking for ways to give their products distinctive brand images and differentiate themselves on the market, Qualicaps® also has the technology to design innovative capsules, colors and imprints for custom capsule applications. We produce quality capsules, and offer them in a wide range of sizes, colors and printing options for your product to stand out in the market.