about qualicaps

At Qualicaps®, we do our part to contribute to health on a worldwide scale through the manufacture and supply of two-piece capsules and related equipment, offering a portfolio of:
  • Pharmaceutical-grade capsules
  • Nutraceutical capsules
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment


Qualicaps® is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) through its Life Sciences Institute (LSII), which unites the Group’s healthcare business. MCHC is a Japanese chemical, industrial and healthcare company that aims to achieve a KAITEKI society, based on the philosophy “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow”. The Life Science Institute has the mission of offering the most advanced and high-quality solutions to contribute widely to people’s health, through all stakeholders, in an inspiring manner.
Qualicaps® originated in 1897 within Eli Lilly & Co. as a capsule manufacturing plant in the company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, USA. Our century-long heritage within the pharmaceutical industry dictates a profound understanding of the needs of our customers, for whom we have focused on delivering at high-quality standards since the very beginning.
Our vision is to become the #1 capsule partner to the pharmaceutical industry through high standards of quality, functionality and performance.
Our mission is to successfully achieve our vision through:
  • Product quality and innovation
  • Superior customer service and global account management
  • Scientific leadership
  • A KAITEKI value management system and corporate culture:

Enduring, lasting value creation; contributing to the betterment of individuals, society and the Earth

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Qualicaps® has a presence in all major pharmaceutical markets, with production facilities and account teams located in the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe (Spain and Romania) and Brazil through the acquisition of Genix, the only hard capsule supplier with a manufacturing site in the country.