Qualicaps® takes quality seriously. We build it into every capsule we produce, starting with raw materials and continuing throughout the manufacturing and imprinting process. In addition, our proprietary line of capsule filling and sealing equipment, and check-weighing and inspection machinery incorporates the best technologies in the market.

Functionality and precision in mind and deed

Our capsules are manufactured under cGMP conditions and engineered to meet specific criteria related to strength, integrity and runnability on high-speed filling machines. Inprocess controls ensure compliance with target specifications, and high resolution inline optical inspection is employed to assure AQLs.
Qualicaps® capsules are produced using a simple manufacturing process, in which the capsule shape is formed on lubricated stainless steel mold pins that are dipped into a gelatin solution of a defined viscosity or concentration at a specific temperature range. The size and shape of the mold pins are specific for each capsule size and for the cap or body. Once dipped, a film forms on the surface of the pins, which are then raised and rotated to spread the film uniformly. The pin bars with the molds are transferred to a passage where air that is controlled for temperature and humidity is blown over them for setting. The dried films are removed from the pins without damage and cut to the correct length, for the final joining of caps and bodies.

In regard to Qualicaps® pharmaceutical processing equipment, all machines are available off the-shelf and specially designed to meet unique production or research needs. The process design incorporates the best technology to help our customers successfully and effortlessly fill and seal their products.