Qualicaps® is contributing to proactive and preventative health and individual wellbeing by meeting the needs of the health and nutrition industry with superior quality capsules.
Qualicaps® Quali-G-N natural gelatin capsules are generally clear, which means consumers can see the purity of the product and ingredients contained inside. A Qualicaps® innovation, our capsules feature an exclusive self-locking system that is designed for optimum performance in filling, to ensure that the product reaches the consumer intact and is protected from external contamination.

Qualicaps® complements our capsules with excellent technical support, global manufacturing, and a Quickstock program for rapid delivery. Other characteristics and benefits of Quali-G-N include:
  • Ready-available supply in standard sizes and colors used in the health and nutrition industry
  • Ability to customize capsules to differentiate your product from the competition
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Excellent performance on high-speed capsule filling machines
  • Conveniently warehoused and shipped from the several manufacturing locations around the globe
  • Shipment of stock orders within 24-48 hours
  • Great customer and technical service to assist in achieving yields