Webinar: Hard capsules vs. Tablets

  • 04/07/2017
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When considering hard capsules as an alternative to the more common tablet, benefits such shorter R&D timelines, fewer excipients, and a lesser number of manufacturing steps in several types of developments, with subsequent less analytical and validation effort, should be taken into account. Also attracting interest in hard capsules is the fact that capital investment can be reduced to a significant degree, due to the simplicity of the manufacturing process for filling hard capsules.

Key learning advantages:
  - Key advantages of hard capsules over tablets in R&D activities
  - Core differences between hard capsules and tablets in manufacturing processes
  - Patient perceptions and preferences in solid oral dosage form

Our webinar is free and open to anyone who wants a better understanding of the relevant aspects when undertaking a new drug development cost/benefit analysis, as well as the versatility and positive appreciation of the capsule solid oral dosage form.

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