Quali-V® Extra Dry, a cellulose capsule with an extremely low moisture content that enables the development, production and delivery of moisture-sensitive pharmaceutical drugs.

The stability, activity, and expiry date of several active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) under certain environmental conditions depend on the moisture content to which they are exposed. Also, specific hygroscopic compounds (e.g. polyethylene glycols, acid glycerol esters, acid triglycerides) widely used as excipients thanks to their outstanding solubility or absorption attributes, cannot be used inside gelatin or standard cellulose capsules without altering their properties.


Quali-V® Extra Dry, with a unique composition of being 100% plant-based and preservative-free, is specifically designed for oral pharmaceutical applications when a minimum moisture content is required.

Just as our standard Quali-V® capsules, Quali-V® Extra Dry capsules comply with the USP dissolution test requirements and are chemically inert (do not undergo cross-linking reactions).
Precise GMP-compliant manufacturing and an exhaustive quality control of Quali-V® Extra Dry capsules facilitates their filling with many types of formulations, and their packaging on automatic high-speed machines.

An inhalation-grade version is available with improved mechanical properties and the required microbial pharmacopoeia specifications.

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