MR Technician

United States, Whitsett, North Carolina
This position is responsible for managing the quality of the capsule product on their assigned machines by monitoring and evaluating the process, observing trends, adjusting/replacing minor equipment and performing general improvements on the capsule manufacturing machines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
   • Perform, according to Standard Operating Procedures, capsule dimension tests to ensure quality capsules. These include, but are not limited to:
                        - Double Wall measurements
                        - End Thickness measurements
   • Maintain all documentation of production batches while on the production floor.
   • Check calibration on devices and report when there are deviations.
   • Interact with Production Process software to perform tasks and upload information.
   • Monitor E-Sorter quality throughout the shift, taking action if critical defects appear.
   • Monitor ICES quality – evaluate cutting and joining quality.
   • Perform daily & weekly tasks on the machines to ensure quality product (i.e. changing Shells, Pads and individual knives).
   • Monitor control chart trends of dimensional readings and take action when needed.
   • Specify viscosity of the gelatin by evaluating water additions in process software.
   • Completely and accurately finish out all paperwork relating to the job and equipment.
   • Prepare the workstation for a smooth turnover to the next shift.
   • Communicate the status of quality to shift supervisor, as necessary.
   • Specify needs for the equipment and/or process in the form of work orders or improvement requests.
   • Clear minor jams and downtime occurrences on capsule manufacturing machines.
   • Notify a Process Mechanic of any issues requiring significant downtime.
   • Sanitize each work station at shift start.

Required Special Knowledge / Skills / Experience:
   • Must have at least six (6) months QA In-Process experience.
   • Familiarity with viscosity control and concepts.
   • Familiarity the safety rules of the work site.
   • Familiarity with GMPs and SOPs.
   • Familiarity with Quality Systems Procedures.
   • Familiarity with Capsule Manufacturing Procedures.
   • Familiarity with mechanical principles.
   • Recognition of different colors.
   • Team oriented environment experience.

Desired Special Knowledge / Skills / Experience:
   • Associate degree in Mechanics or Electro-Mechanics.
   • Experience working as a machine mechanic or machinist.
   • Understanding of microbiology. Knowledge of capsule manufacturing.

Working Conditions and Hazards:
Requires lifting (maximum of 50 pounds). Exposed to noise and prolonged standing on concrete floors. Must be able to climb on a stepladder to reach machine tops; must be able to crawl on the floor to reach bottom of machines. Pushing and pulling large boxes and toolbox. Hearing protection, eye protection and safety shoes to be worn at all times while on the production area. Exposed to oils, alcohol, and cleaning solvents.

Qualicaps, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer