The kaiteki company

Enduring, lasting value creation; Qualicaps® contributing to the betterment of individuals, society and the Earth.


KAITEKI is the foundation of the Qualicaps® corporate culture and is at the core of our strategy, our management style, and our enterprise-wide responsibility. This concept, unique to Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation companies, and the way Qualicaps® integrates it into our day-to-day business differentiates us in the healthcare world, where our customers rely on ethical business partners.

KAITEKI essentially means a sustainable condition that is comfortable for individuals, society, and the Earth, transcending time and generations. Qualicaps® integrates KAITEKI into the business as a value philosophy based on the management of three strategic pillars: economy, technology, and sustainability.

MCHC aims to achieve a truly KAITEKI society, based on its vision of “Good Chemistry for Tomorrow”. “THE KAITEKI COMPANY” defines us as a member of the Group that thinks and acts toward the realization of KAITEKI. Ultimately, the path to achieving KAITEKI consists of a collective consciousness and joint efforts among the nearly 70,000 employees of the MCHC Group to contribute to the resolution of social and environmental issues through our products and services, and as a driver of innovation.
The MCHC symbol for KAITEKI is the frog, which is a very sensitive creature. Its thin, porous skin absorbs chemicals from the air and water, making frogs an indicator of environmental damage.
An area with many frogs represents a local environment likely to be unspoiled, while an area lacking frogs indicates that water or air pollution has most likely occurred.