Inspection Equipment

Along with capsule filling and sealing equipment, Qualicaps® offers an array of capsule and tablet inspection machines, as well as weight inspection machines.


CWI/TWI: Weight Inspection Machine


The CWI and TWI are highly accurate weight inspection machines for capsules and tablets. These machines weight check by electromagnetic force compensation balance, which makes high measuring accuracy possible. The CWI and TWI have output ranges from 40,000-150,000/hour.

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CES: Capsule Inspection Machine


The CES Inspection machine is an automatic, high-output visual inspection machine designed to inspect/sort filled capsule products. This machine combines computer image processing technology with in-line CCD cameras to inspect and sort capsules based on customer-set criteria.

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VIM+T: Visual Inspection Machine for Tablets


Equipped with state-of-the-art optics, this visual inspection machine is a surface inspection machine that inspects the entire tablet. The VIM+T is able to inspect the edges by photographing with the same camera fronts & sides and backs & sides.

QS: Compact Tablet Sorter Machine

QS: Compact Tablet Sorter Machine

Using a color CCD camera, the QS compact tablet sorter machine inspects tablets for a variety of imperfections, including foreign subjects, dirt, fiber, cracks, size and imprint. The QS is able to inspect tablet shape and imprint at the same time.

CWI-90 Weight Inspection Machine


CES-100 Capsule Inspection Machine