Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

Qualicaps® is the world's leading manufacturer of hard shell filling equipment specializing in customized filling solutions to meet today's challenging fill needs. As a market leader in liquid-fill technology, we have partnered with many pharmaceutical manufactures to reach new levels of success with liquid-filling.


Qualicaps® unequalled LIQFIL automated capsule filling equipment has industry-leading features:

  • A patented three-drum rectification system for gentle capsule transport
  • Capsule filling solutions for a variety of formulations
  • Removable filling unit for easy cleaning
  • Un-joined and double caps are automatically removed from the feed drum and rectifier rollers
  • Output ranges between 500 and 150,000 capsules per hour for drugs in early stage development, full-scale commercialization, or anywhere between

F-Labo: LIQFIL super Labo Capsule Filling Machine

F Labo

The F-Labo is a high-speed fully-automatic capsule filling machine developed for laboratories for study of drug formulation and manufacturing investigational new drugs. This filling machine enables filling of drugs of every dosage form and multilayer filling

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F-40/80: LIQFIL super 40/80 Capsule Filling Machine


The LIQFIL super 40/80 high-speed fully-automatic capsule filling machines feature a compact size with easy conversion, highly accurate filling and the ability to handle a variety of dosage forms. These machines have output ranges from 40,000-80,000/hour.

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F-80 LIQFIL super Capsule Filling Machine